Saturday, August 26, 2006

Crumbling barn with multiple advertisements

ne dilapidated barn in Northwest Georgia is falling apart but still has four old advertisements on it. Three are visible in the first picture, with the 4th around the corner. Closeups will be available for each.

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This barn is on U.S. Highway 11 just South of Trenton, GA in Dade County. Once this highway was a primary route between Chattanooga and Birmingham, but with Interstate 59 running parallel most of the way, it sees much less traffic, and there would be no incentive to maintain the ads.

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First, on the left side of the barn, with a message facing northbound traffic was a small painting of the words "SEE ROCK CITY" except much of the black and white paint has chipped away. This portion of the barn is made of corrugated metal, and a strip of it on the left has fallen off, and has taken the R of Rock and the C of City with it.

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Facing the street, the cracked sign which has been nailed onto the barn reads:

Crystal Cave in the early 1970's was renamed to Raccoon Mountain Caverns but they still retain the Crystal Cavern tour. To the right of the Cave sign is a metal gas station sign that has completely rusted and has become mostly obscured by greenery. If you recognize it, please help me out.

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On the side of the barn visible to southbound traffic, the "See" of "See Rock City" is still visible. What I can't tell is if the barn has been rebuilt at one point, covering up the words "Rock City" or if the "Rock City" part was painted on the slanted side. lists this as #RCB 10-41-02.
In the Jenkins Book, Page 136, Top Center.
See it on a map Here.


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