Saturday, August 05, 2006

See 7 States - along the old route

his building was on the main road many decades ago, but now gets minimal traffic. In the dawn of car travel, the main highways winded their way from city to city. Since then, there has been a bigger emphasis on getting to your destination quicker. If it is an important route, an Interstate has been built to supplant the old highway. A highway that still gets significant traffic has been straightened, widened with more lanes and bypasses the town square or city center. Many people prefer it this way as the drive to where you're going is a necessary evil that should be as short a duration as possible. However, for me, and people like me: Half the fun is getting there.

Highway U.S. 27 is the route used to get from Cincinnati and Lexington to Chattanooga. Most people who would make this trip now would use Interstate 75. Still, there is significant traffic along U.S. 27 and in many places, the highway has been straightened and widened. Many Rock City Barns have been lost due to this process. However, a significant portion of the Old U.S. 27 has been redesignated as Ky 1247. Along this highway in Pulaski Co., between the town squares of Eubank and Somerset, you will find this old store bearing the See Rock City painted sign.

See 7 States from ROCK CITY


This appears to be an old convenience store whose best days are behind it and is slowly becoming "reclaimed by nature." The sign has obviously not been painted for decades. This would not really be a good location for an ad for a tourist destination nowadays as this area primarily only sees local traffic.

The bricks in the center of this side of the store are staring to fall off, showing the diagonal wooden frame. Even some of that wood is missing, also. Spray painted in white in the same area are the words ICE CREAM and COLD DRINKS. Although completely covered, there is a window to the left of the front door. You can still access the front door. Barely. The chimney is still barely visible at the back. There is even a small storage building behind the building. When painted, this still would have been white lettering upon a black background, but the white area rusted reddish while the black paints seems to only fade or chip away. lists this as #RCB 17-100-1
In the Jenkins book on page 141 top left.
See it on a map here.
Lat & Lon: 37o12'48.11" N / 84o38'19.87" W


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