Monday, July 31, 2006

65 Miles to Rock City

f you are looking for a bargain in August, you might spot this Rock City barn. The World's Longest Garage Sale occurs every year along U.S. Highway 127. With a distance of over 400 miles, the sale runs along the stretch of U.S. 127 from Cincinnati to Chattanooga, usually in the first weekend in August. If you have something to sell, there are many good places to do so along the route (preferably at one of the key stops along the way where there is a flat section along the side of the highway and not along one of the winding parts or in someone else's yard). If you are looking to buy, many people will drive from one end to the other. When you go, this is something you will see. Learn more from the Sale's website.

Located in Bledsoe County, this barn is about 8 miles north of Pikeville, the county seat. On your map, it will appear near the town of Ninemile, TN. This stretch of U.S. 127 has replaced the old William Howard Taft and Alvin York Highway (Old TN 28) in the Sequatchie Valley. This well-maintained barn has been owned by the Fields family for nearly 60 years. In the year since I took this picture and uploaded it to my account, the Flickr computers have calculated this as my "most interesting" Photo.

65 Miles to Rock City

ROCK CITY designates this as #RCB-42-04-01 (In their 2003 photo, it hadn't been recently painted and it looked more run down.)
In the Jenkins book, it appears on page 30.
In the Capps book, it's barn #30.
In the Simmons Book, on Page 76.
You can see it on a map HERE.
Lat&Lon: 35o42'38.50"N / 85o06'25.74"W
My picture has been used HERE.
Another view taken in 2003 by "abone1" on Webshots


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