Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crumbling Barn on U.S. 41A

rumbling barns are not uncommon, but sometimes, they make me sad. You can see barns that are falling apart all over the place. Sometimes, it's because of heavy wind or other weather conditions, sometimes because the wood is rotting, and other times because they are too close to the road. Some barns are held up by one well reinforced side and some appear to be held up only by vines and the grace of God. Barns one day might become an Endangered species. Sure, they are common now, but today's farmers have less of a need to build new ones. Most of the barns we see these days are decades old, such as this one:

Rock City Barn, Bedford Co., TN

at one time, this said...(take my word for it.)


This barn was built in 1918 by the same family that first bought the land in the 1830's and resides their today. Four score and seven years after its construction, I drove by. That was a year ago. It might not be there anymore. I'm not sure I want to find out.

crumbling rock city barn

This barn is located along Highway U.S. 41A (sometimes labeled on a map as Alt 41). It is south of the 31A / 41A split, and about 5 miles south of the small town of Eagleville, TN in Bedford County. If Rover, TN is on your map, that is a better approximation. The first picture was taken from Beasley Rd, which is just north of the Barn.

In the mid 90's, during its better days, this barn served as the cover of the Capps book: (and is also barn #16) lists this as #RCB 42-02-01. (which has two additional photos one with less and one with more decay.)
In the Jenkins Book, page 154 top right
Here it is on a map.
Lat & Lon: 35o 40' 60 N / 86o 36' 26" W


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