Thursday, November 16, 2006

Being From the South...

T-rcbhere was a time when Rock City barns were synonymous with traveling in the south. In their heyday, there were about 900 Rock City Barns, most of which were in the south, but they made it as far north as Michigan and as far west as Texas. With the number of Rock City barns currently maintained these days near 100, they are all in the south. When someone finds one of my pictures at random, their comment is usually something like: "When I was a child and we went to [fill in the blank], we would drive by a barn just like this one!"

See 7 States From Rock City


I was recently browsing a local thrift store, when I found this book: How to Love Yankees with a Clear Conscience by Bo Whaley. On the back cover, was a list, What Northerners should know about the South:
*How many fish are in a mess.
*What "pot likker" is.
*The sum total of forty 'leven dozen.
*The names of the entire cast of "The Andy Griffith Show."
*Where Rock City is.
Not too long ago, anyone who traveled in the south would know the answer is "atop Lookout Mtn. or near Chattanooga, Tenn."

This specific barn doesn't look like it is maintained any more. However, if you keep traveling north on U.S. 11 in DeKalb County, AL, you will find a couple of barns that are repainted just north of Ft. Payne. This specific barn is just north of the Etowah County line, just south of the small lovely town of Collinsville.

This is the first barn to appear in this blog that can be viewed using Microsoft's Local Live "Bird's eye view" which is close to what you'd see flying an airplane over U.S. 11. See it HERE.
On, this is designated as RCB 01-25-09
In the Jenkins book, a full page color photo on page 47.
Lat & Lon: 34.204899 oN \ -85.910017 oW


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