Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When is a Rock City Barn not a barn?

At certain locations, the Rock City painters determined a different structure other than the barn made the best sign. While it is true that the barn is the structure that was painted most of the time, there were certain places where the silo was in a more visible location, such as the one shown here in Rutherford County. On this "Rock City Silo" the painted sign has faded and chipped so much that most people could not tell that this is an advertisement.

See Rock City Take US 41


The people I have shown this photo to thus far did not see any of the painted letters at first, because both the white of the letters and the black of the background have both chipped. I strongly recommend clicking on the picture and pulling up the original size, or click HERE.

This Silo is located about a block outside of the vastly growing urban sprawl of Murfreesboro. When you drive along U.S. Highway 231 from Lebanon to Murfreesboro, this is the last farm you are going to see and will be on the right. It's located along at the intersection of the main highway and a tiny stretch of the "Old Lebanon Pike." If you follow the instructions, once you get to the heart of Murfreesboro, you should take a left on Broad St. which is U.S. 41 (and at that spot U.S. 70S before it splits).

In the Jenkins Book, this is on Page 153D.
See it on a Map HERE. It's across the street from a golf course.
Lat & Lon: 35.916786oN \ -86.384243oW


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