Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tray featuring Jim Harrison's artwork

Here is a tray published by Rock City in 1998.

Rock City Tray with the artwork of Jim Harrison

According to the text on the back of the tray describing this painting:
The original painting, oil on Canvas, by Jim Harrison was destroyed in a fire. More of Jim's work, along with this "Rock City" barn can be found in the book His World Remembered. Jim Harrison, born in Leslie Georgia, lives in Denmark South Carolina, his hometown since childhood, where his gallery is located in an old store front on main street.

Here's the back of the tray if you would like to read the rest.

Here is his book, which was published in 1982, but is now out of print.

The original Rock City painting from 1975 was reproduced with 1500 serial numbered copies and sold for $40. If you can find a copy now, it would sell for approx. $425. This tray, which measures 17.5" x 13" is available on Jim Harrison's website for $15.

Jim Harrison specializes in rural scenes, especially images of vintage coca-cola advertising. Check him and his artwork out at his website.


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