Monday, June 20, 2011

Goodbye...Tell Your Friends...

Goodbye...Tell Your Friends...


It is quite possible this is the only Rock City Barn that doesn't tell you to "See" Rock City. That's because it hopes you've already been there. It is also on a highway going away from Chattanooga, as it is along I-24 heading west towards Nashville.

This is a barn that eluded me for a while. After I first heard about it several years ago, the next couple of times I drove though here were at night when you can't see it. After that, one day I passed through here in the daytime and wasn't thinking about it and the next thing I knew I passed it after seeing it in the corner of my eye. If you go looking for it you see it without much advance notice. Even then, what are you going to do? be the passenger in the car and get it as a drive-by? That works sometimes, but the interstates guard-rail might get in the way even if it turns out halfway decent. That, or you can park on the shoulder on a winding, always busy spot on the interstate.

The best way to get a good view is by finding the rural street that goes right by the barn. So, then on my first attempt, I took exit 158 and drove around the area aimlessly with no luck. Since then, I have gotten a GPS and found Shellmound Rd. which took me right up to the barn! (Bonus hint: Drive a little farther down Shellmound Rd and when it crosses the other lanes of the interstate, you can see a Ruby Falls barn!)

On, this is known as RCB# 42-56-01.
In the Jenkins book, it gets a full page photo on page 125.
In the Capps book, it is barn #8, the Elsie Turner barn.
See it on a map HERE.

It is sad to say, but the title of this post has a double meaning. If you have been a regular reader of this blog, then you have seen I have not been posting regularly. Since I first picked up a digital camera, the Rock City barns have continued to be my first love. However, since then I have branched out to things like County Courthouses, trains, old motels and other neon sings, etc.

As of now, I must say Goodbye to this blog. I will keep it up but not add anything to it. Instead, I have a new website and blog devoted not only to the Barns but the other things I listed above.
My new website is and if you're interested in the most recent posts about the Rock City Barns, keep reading here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !

6:25 PM, August 14, 2011  
Blogger Bill Trudo said...

I hate to see this blog fade away, especially since I just discovered it. The whole Rock City barns are interesting part of Americana. Even if there are no more posts here, this blog is worth a look. I also like to say nice job on your active blog, See Middle Tennessee.

3:36 PM, September 07, 2011  

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